NOTE:   We are not taking NEW orders for harnesses that include speaker/pouch at this time.  

t’s no secret that your mobile device with an AAC app can bring the world of a language to a non-verbal person.  What’s not as known, however, is how to overcome the biggest challenge of investing in one – getting someone to actually use it.  Due to the accessibility of these devices,  many end up damaged, lost, or on the shelf – where they are no use. 

Safe n Sound Mobile has developed a solution to change that – our new patent-pending Gab n Go harness. It puts the mobile device and communication APP where it needs to be – right in front -- making communication for the user easy, accessible, and timely.


This unique solution, designed for phone-size, mobile  AAC devices and small tablets, features –

  • A comfortable, fully adjustable, washable harness that positions the mobile device out front, thereby maximizing accessibility and eliminating communication delays. 
  • A securing component to protect the mobile device from loss or damage.
  • Soft, flexible material that allows for a better fit and added comfort. 
  • Adhesive attachment with a larger clip and stronger adhesive to accommodate a bigger population of users. (Medium and full-size tablet style includes two clips.)
  • Back design has additional adjustment points to ensure shoulder straps stay in place and to give a customized fit for a greater number of users.


Harness the power of your AAC mobile device today.
Your mobile device and AAC app was a smart investment to help the user communicate. Get the most of it by purchasing a Gab n Go harness. You’ll discover how rewarding communication can be. 

Patent Pending